Our Pastor




My name is George Chukwuma John . I hail from Umudike’s

compound in Amachara Umuchima , Ihiagwa Owerri West of Imo State Nigeria. I was born in the year 1952 in Lagos. My late father’s name was Mr. John (Ogwogwonmadu) Ajoku  and my  late mother’s name  was Mrs. Felicia Ajoku . I am number three amongst five children of my parent. My surname changed from Ajoku to John when I became a Christian (believed the message of the day) and discovered that Ajoku means god of yam(Ajokuji) in my place. I therefore decided to take the name of my direct father’s name John , to become my surname .



During the Nigeria/Biafra civil war (1967-70) I was with the 52nd brigade under the 14th division of the Biafran army. While I was with the 52nd brigade headquarter at Okwukwu, I  was with some military police at Obidiagwa sent to guide the red cross who came to share relief materials to the people. When we finished and were going back to where we camped, some Biafran soldiers who we did not give opportunity to do away with the relief materials ambushed me on the way. As I walked into their midst they jumped out of the bush, I tried to dodge behind a man riding a bicycle, in an attempt not to shoot at the man, I jumped into the bush of which they opened fire, but to God’s glory their bullets never caught me.



While still under the 52nd brigade, I started experiencing something strange in my life.  A giant-like being will always stand by my side, by the time I will turn to see the being more clearly he will vanish away. This was happening to me constantly. Secondly, a heavy breeze will blow into my right ear and leave from the left ear. This giant-like being will always stand at my right side from which direction the heavy breeze will come. At a time I felt sick, I had to trek from Obidiagwa to my home town Ihiagwa under severe pain of sickness called ‘go slow’ as at that time. As this experience continued, we thought it to be madness, brain fag, loss of memory, etc. In search of solution, my parent being normal Christians of the Anglican denomination, they neither believed in prayers for deliverance and healing, nor in fetish ways of solving matters. We ended up in white garment church called Christ army church Umuezawula in Ihiagwa here and for the first time in my life I learnt how to fast and pray. Much more later in my life after many years I believed the message of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7, I discovered all I was experiencing of which my parent called madness, brain fag, loss memory was divine visitation.

Towards the end of the civil war on a particular night, a spirit-like a human being in white clothing  appeared to me. As I was coming the spirit passed by me of which I got angry and pursued  after trying to know what kind of spirit it was , as I rushed to grab it, it disappeared and reappeared some yards away from me , I pursued again to grab, the same thing happened ,as it kept reappearing some distance away from me at a time I decided to withdraw. These and other experiences gave me more thought which I didn’t understand why, then.  After the war I struggled to have some basic education. I ended up finishing my primary and secondary education. This was because of my parent financial difficulties.   




 After the completion of my basic education I left the east and proceeded to Lagos in search of greener pastures. After some period of applications, I worked for Golden Crown, a Chinese restaurant at Onipan, Lagos. While working there I decided to further my education by taking tuition but could not because I lost that job.  After some period, I decided to buy a bus for commercial purposes from the little money I saved while working with Golden Crown. As a young man I wanted to have a business that will better my life and impress my childhood girl friend, then Miss Patricia Chinwe Akandu, who later till date is my wife. I later moved into international business, travelling from one country to another, Italy and Nigeria been my base of operation, where I started importing clothing as my major products. Along the journey of my life I ventured into politics and two other men came up with the idea of the Youth Federated National Party of Nigeria which we sold to the big shots of the political party. I was then picked at the national publicity secretary though I was still waiting for the national election of the youth wing of the party in which I was vying for the position of the chairman. Due to some political maneuvering the election was postponed and before it could come up with the then government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari was overthrown. At a time I become the president of my people’s party meeting Ihiagwa, when it was still intact as one autonomous community before it was divided into two separate communities in this position I discovered that a real Christian could not play politics and please God. Either you deceive or please people contrary to the truth, which I later discovered also “that the heart of man is full of deceit and desperately wicked “(Jeremiah 17:9). My first limited liability company was incorporated in 1979 with the name George Hawkins Intercontinental Company limited. I incorporated the second company in 1982, in all Satan fought me not to excel in this business. Things became too hard for me because Satan fought anything I laid my hands. I got  married in 1981, got my first issue in 1982 while I was struggling in life to excel in business, I did my little best to stay away from dirty businesses and activities. This was because I was brought up by parent who had their hands clean, known and respected by the people within and without my community. My father was a sincere straightforward man, who stood for justice all his life, I saw good qualities in him which ought to have lifted him up in many ways for life but because of lack of education and exposure, added to demonic powers, which I now know that hindered people from getting to their destiny in life, I believed he died without getting to his destiny. Though he was not a real Christian but stayed away from fetish things. Adieu I love you Pa John Ogwogwo nmadu. My late mother, Mrs. Felicia Ajoku was a goal getter, business oriented. She was a Christian to her standard, being born from a Christian family of late Pa Israel Nneke and Ma Eunice Nneke of blessed memories, who lived 126years before departure from this earth. They hailed from Amaorie & Obibiezena respectively, both in Owerri North, Imo state. My mother was one of the chief vocalists of the igbo women in then Port Harcourt, before and after independence. I and all my children inherited the gift of singing from her.



My parent at first had three sons of which I am the youngest. After my birth it took many years to have other two females. Because of the delay and my mother’s desperation to have more children, especially female children, she went to the altar of Saint John Anglican church Ihiagwa, being her home church and made a vow to God ,that if God gives her a female child, she will hand me over to God for God’s services. Ignorantly and sincerely she never knew she was preparing me for God’s work. I thank her and thank God who used her to dedicate my life to the service of God. If I may regret their departure it would be based on the fact they never lived to see when God started prospering me and my family and to partake in it. They were good parent indeed to me.



While in secondary school, second term in my final year in April 1976, I met my wife in a party held in St. Michael church school hall Ihiagwa when she visited her aunty. With time after our meeting at the party our relationship started.  After rounding up my secondary school I travelled to Lagos. She was the senior prefect of her school in her final year in 1978 and she’s known then as Miss Patricia Chinwe Akandu. After her secondary school she moved to Lagos to live with her parents, late Mr. Calistus and Mrs. Rose Akandu of blessed memories. I married my wife during the days my trials where much. The parent hailed from Umu-Nnakwe’s family (Nkwazema) Umunwoke, Umuejechi, Nekede in Owerri west of Imo state. They had seven children, two males and five females. They lost the two males and one female remaining four females, my wife being the first among the remaining. The parent so much loved me and I love them in return, and being the first son in-law in the family they took me as their first son. Even in my improvised state they stood by me and gave me good parental support as did my late parents. I so much love them that I never addressed them as in-laws, but as papa and mama Surulere barracks. Because they lived in Surulere barracks. If there is another death I regretted happening to people, it was their death because they could not live to see and enjoy my prosperity. My wife now Mrs Patricia Chinwe George whom I married through customary rights in 1981, had her marital name changed just as I have my surname changed to John. She decided to be known and called Mrs. Patricia Chinwe George, being my direct name. And God has blessed us with six children, two male and four female.



When I had my first child, one night after watching a movie titled the ”INVISIBLE MAN’’ as I went to bed, between 12:00am and 1:00am, I was visited by a strange spirit which made me ran out of the room due to fear. I recalled when I was the president of my town’s youth in Lagos, I introduced a powerful cultural dancing group which the above body excelled in. One day, we prepared for the cultural dance and I fell asleep, I was then woken up by three spirits, in the physical they started teaching and showing me some dancing costumes our cultural group should use. The troupe excelled in its performances. There I got know the powers and dangers in one getting involved in many of these customs and traditions. These spirit troubled me as they came visiting me for many years, even after receiving and believing the ‘’message of the day’’ they kept visiting me till the Lord intervened after many years.

After many years of trials I joined societies, AMORC. I had two reasons for joining. One was to know the unknown, the other was that whatever God ordained for me I should have them and what he did not should go its way. Still in search of solution after pressure from people I looked for deliverance, some in fetish way, others in Christian way even though I later discovered many are not of Christ all to no avail. My businesses and all means of livelihood collapsed. Evil spirits so much troubled me to the extent anyone who tried promising or to assist me that person will run into problem because the demons troubling me will rise against that person. This made me to start avoiding to let anyone promise or try to assist me. Things were so bad to the level I had no accommodation, to the extent my wife and children had to go and stay with my parents-in-law, while I went to put up with a brother then called Victor Obiyo, who’s late now. This lasted for two and half years before I got an apartment. I was in forefront of my peoples politics, not long after I stepped down from the seat of the president of my towns meeting. While I was the president my wife was the secretary of women’s wings of the town’s meeting.




I received the message not long I departed from national and local politics. God through my wife the message and the church she heard about “the message of the day”.  In that revelation, God showed a bridge in front of the church compound. God took her into the church building and saw it was a storey building. She entered into the church auditorium where she saw the pastor behind the pulpit, late pastor John Ogu. The service for the day, both songs and other aspects she saw clearly in the revelation. After many months a member of that church invited her to one of their programs. When she attended the program everything she saw in the revelation was replayed. She got baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and started worshipping there. Not quite long she started bringing “sermon books” which I started to read though unknowing to her. Here God started revealing the “message and himself” to me. Here I got encounter of Godhead understanding that God is not three personalities in one or three distinct persons in one (trinity) but the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘’God in the office as father. He speaks, in his office as son he intercedes, in his office as Holy Ghost, he manifest’’. When I was in the world, as things got worse and worse for me in life, I had friends who I felt were doing me good innocently, who talk me into doing few fetish things by looking for solution through areas that are not of God (Lord Jesus Christ) but to no avail. Along the line in life I started having what I will call ‘revelation or inspiration’ that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty and the issue of ‘predestination’. When later I joined AMORC in search of solution I was required to ask for two things or my reason for joining. I filled in the questionnaire the following: (a) to know the unknown (the hidden things) and (b) God should give what he ordained for me in life not what I needed, not knowing I was speaking about predestination and mysteries of the kingdom of God. When I first read the ‘sermon book’ that my wife was bringing from their church then as of the message preached by William Marion Braham, as I said earlier  I lost interest because of the English and grammar. On this God told me that is his servant for this generation that was the word God used, I being ignorant of the message of the hour, because God speaks to one based on his level of understanding and language. God went further to say anyone who does not believe the message (Braham) will not make it. I thought such will not make heaven at all but as I went further I now understood him clearly: such will not make rapture but many makes heaven through great tribulation (b) he is the dispensational messenger (word prophet) of Laodicean church age. In further studies I started asking for more of the sermon books. In due course I discovered many things and that baptism must be done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ which I believed. So when my pastor where I was worshipping at(then in denomination )wanted  to baptize me I presented this baptism issue to him, why  he must baptize me in the name of the father, son, holy ghost  and not Lord Jesus Christ. I tell you not lie. The apostle and general overseer of that church told me sincerely that the right baptism should be in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ but because he belonged to PFN (Pentecostal federation of Nigeria) who believe it should be done in the name of the father, son and holy ghost, he cannot go contrary to the beliefs of the association else they would frown at him. In obedience to him as my Overseer, I yielded myself for him to be baptized the way he wanted but I secretly went to my wife’s church one Sunday to have a right baptism, though I remained with that church. While in this denominational church at Abule-Egba Lagos, and with an apostle as my G.O, in my zeal for the Lord and in my little fear of God, coupled with my desire to obey God’s word, doing my little best to live a righteous life in my capacity I was chosen as the publicity secretary and treasurer of the men fellowship of the church. Not only that, I was church branch opening committee chairman, coordinator of the house fellowship centers, I was also coordinating the ushers, etc, working restlessly to see that ministers soldier on rightly. At a time the G.O tried to talk me into attending bible school at this point I started dropping to the G.O, his wife and some members the message and revelation I was receiving from the message of the hour as preached by William Marrion Branham. Nobody could contest things these by the scriptures. The wife of the G.O one day confessed to me that the dressing of the women putting on bangles, etc were wrong as I have been saying but that the church could not implement it, but that (she) the church would loose membership. As God would have it and at a point in time, the G.O permitted me to do my best to seeing that these things were implemented, in order to instill discipline and orderliness. I then proceeded to change the system of having or reserving special seats for some special people, e.g men fellowship chairman’s wife and other dignitaries. I stopped the choristers or ladies who dresses immorally from sitting in the front seats, in doing this I stepped on the toes of the high profile people in the church, the juggernauts and the untouchables but I never cared because God has no respect for any man. I could not preach most of the revelations I receive in the house fellowships because I obeyed the word of God which says ‘obey those in authority because they told me what to preach. In the process of time God told me to start a house fellowship in my house different from the church’s house fellowship and this was done at No: 27,Hassan Adejobi  street, Papa Ashafa, Iyana-Ipaja Lagos, although the house fellowship in my house used to hold on Sundays but the one God told me holds on Mondays. The first day I preached the ‘message’ that was on my way from Lagos to the east I won many souls who later started attending the house fellowship. That Monday house fellowship started growing and throughout the existence I never asked for offering or material from anyone. The church sent ministers to tell me to either stop the Monday house fellowship or they would remove the Sunday house fellowship from my house. Though I preferred to stand with the one God told me to start. When people believed the ‘message’ through my preaching I would hand them over for my wife to take them to my church where they were baptized. Many of the people I preached to got baptized before I finally got baptized. My wife in the cause of worshipping in Grace and Truth Tabernacle stopped perming her hair, doing Bob Marley type of hair and wearing of make-ups she also stopped putting on earrings, sun glasses, eye shadows, wearing trousers, short skirt, sleeveless and short gown etc at first my spirit at this time could not take or accept only plaiting of her hair instead of perming, but after some time my eyes were open that all those perming, immoral/indecent dressings and makeup’s were of the devil, I now allow her to go the way God was leading her. Because I was sincere, God later revealed to me the spirit that was ruling over my former church, he then asked me to leave and join my wife in her church which I did. Even when my former church refused to accept my departure, I forcefully sent their money to them which I had with me as their officer.



As I switched over to grace and truth tabernacle because of the ‘message ‘which God revealed to me and not man, nor did any man preached to me, but that which I received and believed by revelation, my love and zeal for God waxed more. The spirit I once said that earlier troubled me because of the visitation and attack I had the night after watching the invisible man film, and the spirit that use to visit me when I was the president of my town’s youth meeting in Lagos, left me after long time I came into the message even though no man prayed for me. I also never knew any man in the message that had the gift of healing or deliverance. But God used this to teach me that there are demons which when they possess a man he needs deliverance.



While in the church then (Grace and Truth Tabernacle) God divinely led me to join the evangelical group of the church known as “eleventh hour laborers” as I was moving with the group going out and travelling for evangelism, I and those around me started seeing and noticing the hand of God upon my life in the area of doing exploits in God’s work, even though poverty continued in my life. Poverty persisted seriously in my life and family to the extent I took to farming in Gowon Estate, Iyana-Ipaja, and Ayobo behind Deeper Life University Church Compound. I sold and hawk Gala Sausage on the streets and high ways, my wife and I fried puff-puff and many other things in front of our house then No:27, New Iyana-Ipaja road. We prepared and sold ‘Fufu’(African fermented cassava), Ice water, Kunu, Vegetables, etc in other to make a living. At a time all my children stopped going to school because there was no money to pay for school fees and that was for many years. My children go on hawking to support the family, except my niece who lived with me then, whom I never allowed to hawk and was the only one going to school.



While with the eleventh hours workers the manifestation of the hand of God becomes evident in my life. In one of our missionary  journeys  to a church in Obogwe, Imo state, pastured by pastor Leonard Ugwunali, right there in Otamiri river, by Emmanuel college Owerri, I was baptizing some people when the ‘pillar of fire’ appeared by my side and was caught in the photograph taken me. God has used me to bring souls to his kingdom. He has also used me to open many fellowship centers in different locations which I handed over to many brethren except the one at Iyana-Ipaja garage. Unfortunately those other fellowship centers closed because the people handed over to could not continue with the vision given me and probably because I left the church I could not work with those men as to guide them, but the other I was handling, the Iyana-Ipaja garage house fellowship later metamorphosed into our present day church know today as:(THE FINAL EXODUS BRIDE TABERNACLE) though the ministry started years back before the start of the church.



 When the revelation to start the church that will support my ministry came up, I went to my pastor, late John Ogu and told him.  He initially supported the move because he saw the handwriting and the hand of the Lord upon me. He gave me the go ahead to start the church. Later few ministers and people who did not catch the revelation God gave me turned their back on me but I held unto the revelation. Before the church officially started on Sunday 2ndI May 1999. Around January 1999, we used to hold our weekly fellowship on Tuesdays and Thursdays in my house at Iyana-Ipaja. Tuesdays I would have fellowship with the brothers, and then Thursday I would have with the sisters. This was as a result of small accommodation I was having, then on Friday vigils we gather in a school hall. While on Sunday we fellowshipped with a cooperating church. We had only one Sunday as our official fellowship on the above days before we then moved to Katankowa. There at katankowa, God gave me a revelation that he is moving us to a plot of land with wall and gate, and a building which I will occupy with the remaining empty land to be used for the church structure, which will be use temporally and not a permanent site for the church. I told this to the church after some time it manifested at No:9, Samuel Ajakaiye street, off Mohammed road, Abule-Egba under Alimosho L.G.A. Lagos. We spent some years here, while here God gave me another revelation about our permanent site. One for the church and another for the ministry. He gave me direction as to where the church permanent site should be and mentioned the size of the land and where the camp ground that will host the ministry international head quarter office will be. All these I told the church and today they have all come to fulfillment. The church is located at No: 2/4, TOM HENDRIX OKOGIE AVE OFF SUBERU-OJE ROAD, CASSO B/STOP ALAGBADO, LAGOS NIGERIA. While the camp ground is at Ogun state by Apostle George Chukwuma John camp road, Wasimi bus stop, along Ewekoro/Abeokuta Express Road, Ogun state. God has been so good and kind, he has helped us to stand on the totality of the word of God. I believe no one is perfect outside God’s grace revelation been progressive if God reveals to us anywhere we are wrong we will not waste time to come to His word. He has always manifested His powers through us and in our midst. We will not say we don’t make mistakes as children of God but he has been so kind to us before it’s late He steps in and put us right. As much as I have done my best to listen to advice from brethren, both from within and without, I do everything possible to first listen to God because He’s my ‘ABSOLUTE’ (even His word) I may have my shortcomings as a man I cannot deny the fact that God has always helped and guided me not to derail easily. He has always protected me, my people and our things from the hands of enemies and wicked people. By him I am always assured of victory in any battle. I know without him I can do nothing, but by his mercies on me and my people and my faith in him I have always come out successful, victorious in every endeavor and battles, etc (for God is not a laughter of men but a lifter of men) he has led me and my people to open, assist, revive, stir up believer, churches, fellowships, etc, he has used me and my brethren to raise ministers, gifted men and women, Laborers in the body of Christ. Also he has helped us to help men, women, couples, families, people, spiritually, materially, financially and otherwise. He has help to settle cases between people, couples, families, etc. God has trained me in a hard way even my brethren within and without and other people to build patience, longsuffering, etc. God has given me the grace by the little study I make, through exposures and trials to have knowledge and wisdom. He has also given me to love those who love me, those who work against me, these His grace has done in my life and I teach this. He has also given me the grace to live with many people in my families and in the church. At times forty, fifty, or sixty and above, individual and families. His grace also enable me to rejoice and glorify him for blessing my enemies and for doing this he promised me of higher blessings which he has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill them in my life. He has made me not to rely in my wisdom, knowledge and strength but on Him (Lord Jesus Christ) alone. He has made me to have confidence and faith in him and this has always paid off. By his grace he has given me a very good health. I hardly get sick or take medications. I feel if sickness comes my way by faith it will disappear. At my age about 70years, standing, moving from one place to another, ever busy working, even hard jobs, I can work even for 24hrs not giving up. As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ I can have a program for 40days, in a day evenings and vigils every day, hardly rest each day, only for two and the half hours each day with fasting and prayer from mid –night to 9:00am the next day, each day for the period of the forty days. God has bestowed on me the grace to have fasting and prayer weeks without tasting liquid and solid foods, etc. I know within myself it is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my sight. This is not man but God, if God want to do or achieve something in the life of a man, he will be in the man working through the man to achieve his purpose in the life of the man’


I believe that God calls a man (Romans 11:29),(Ephesians 4:11-12),he bequeath to him all that needed(Habakkuk 2:1-3) in other to make his call successful. He imparts on him the anointing (Zechariah 4:6) and the grace (2Timothy 1:9) and all he takes to enable him fulfill his ministry. This grace of God upon him is an unction that enables him to achieve the goals as God has purposed in his life. With the above I discovered the calling and gift of God (Philippians 3:14) upon me for my ministry. With this vision God has been enabling me to pursue as to achieve his purpose in my life and ministry. In line with this, God gave me, scriptures for my ministry, (Jeremiah 1:4-10, Joshua 1:1-10 and Ezekiel 37:1-14)  these are some of the commissions and qualities that God bestowed on me.



I stand totally and completely in the revealed word of God as God used his servant William Marrion Braham (Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7) to preach in the End-time message.

1.       I believe strongly in the Final Exodus (because in the beginning it was not so as we have it today )

2.       God has anointed me with five distinct revelation messages that will prepare the church for the bride ministry, namely:

(A)    Grace

(B)     Holiness

(C)     Doctrine

(D)    Mysteries

(E)     Sign, wonder, miracles, without these we cannot make the rapture

3.       God has also commissioned me to preach to four different kind of people

(a)     The totally lost sinner who are predestinated to perish as a witness against them

(b)     God’s children who will hear the gospel and repent

(c)     God’s children, who are deceived by false prophet, must be reconciled to the truth of the gospel.

(d)     To stand in the gap and expose false anointed ministries and their doctrine, and to release by the ‘word’ any sheep held in bondage by their teaching  


(a)     I believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord God Almighty (Revelation 1:7-8)

(b)     I believe that the doctrine of trinity is mark of the beast (Revelation 16:13-14)

(c)     I believe that the son of perdition according to the scripture has been revealed (2Thessalonians 2:1-2)

(d)     I believe that baptism is done in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, not Father, Son and Holy Ghost(Acts 2:37-38)

(e)     I believe in predestination (Romans 8:28-30)

(f)      I believe that the scripture identifies that there are two seeds – seeds of God and serpent seeds (1John 3:7-12}

(g)     I believe that the scripture does not authorize women to preach to men (1Corinthians 14:34-38)

(h)     I believe that only the bride will go to the rapture (Matthew 25:1-3)

(i)       I believe that God’s word is understood by the revelation from God not through bible school(Matthew 16:13-17)

(j)       I believe that denomination’s are not scripturally set up, because of these we do not belong to any denominational association(1corinthians 2:1-5)

(k)     I believe in the ordinances of the Lord’s supper and feet washing as bequeathed by our Lord Jesus Christ to His bride (1corinthians 20-34 & John 13:4-10)

(l)       I believe by the scripture the woman’s hair is given her for covering (1corinthians 11 :15)


Permit me at this juncture to give few testimonies about the things God did in my ministry. Through this ministry God has brought souls into his kingdom in our crusade, revivals, prayer meetings, etc. adding souls to churches wherever we went. Many soul have been baptized through this ministry, peace restored, churches set in order, ministers raised, gift imparted into many, faith of people stirred up, restoring churches, ministries to the message of the hour (Malachi 4:5-6 & Rev 10:7) these he has done in different parts of Nigeria and in different part of African countries and in Asia for now.



God has through the ministry raised many that died, for example in Ewato, Edo State when we went to raise the End time church there. At the last day of the crusade a lady gave up the ghost and was rushed to the crusade ground where God brought her back to life. During that journey many shrines, idols were destroyed and their priests and members gave their lives to Christ. The church is still waxing strong till today with a rugged pastor standing at the post of his duty and highly anointed.

The second case of raising the dead was about a little boy who was about few months old to be dedicated in the church of his parents the next day, gave up the ghost in the hospital. A member of our church who is a relation to the parent rushed him to our church whom God brought back to life after God led me to pray and anoint him.

 Another was about a boy of about two years old, one Benjamin Isiakpere who fell into the well and died. After some hours he was brought out and taken to different hospitals where they rejected the body. After five more hours he was brought to the church and God brought  him back to life. He is still with the mother and worshipping in our church till date. By God’s grace we have other testimonies of raising of the dead through this ministry by our God.



God has through this ministry healed many of cancer. These include Sister Blessing Prosper and brother Chinedu Ubah just to mention a few. These ones are still worshipping with us till date. Another glaring testimony is that of sister Chizoba Ifeanyi whom doctors were to cut one of the breast because of cancer. Her father is pastor Ifeanyi Mbanefo, pasturing the church at Amachara, Umuchima  Ihiagwa in Owerri West LGA of Imo State. The healing of one sister Abigail Daniel of cancer cannot be over emphasized and many other such cases even in the private, etc. God has delivered and healed many from different sicknesses and diseases of the body.

 God has delivered many from madness, such as one brother Abraham Adeoye, who after that went back to finish his secondary education, graduated from the university and today he’s a married man. The second one was brother Chibuike and many others.  One of such cases was sister Maryline Agbagwe, aged 21years, mad for 12years whom God healed.  Another healing of note was that of sister Victoria Paul Michael who was healed of bareness, breast cancer and fibroid.

 Worthy to mention also is the healing of brother  Chikereze Michael who was healed from heart pain and madness. The other was sister Faith Nnaji who was delivered and head from foot contacted poison, etc.



God has given me the grace to carry liberations for families, people, communities, cities, and countries, etc.  A minister of the gospel from somewhere in  Ekiti, on getting there we discovered there was a joint program of churches and indigenes of the town that organized the program. The program involved crusade, prayers and liberations of the whole town from the powers of darkness that troubled them for decades which hindered the indigenes and communities from prospering financially, materially and otherwise. These powers caused constant death, hatred among one another.  I was about  to decline or get involved in the program when I was made to understand that liberation was involved, this was because before I left for Lagos I was only told the program was crusades and prayers for the sick. Before this time I had only been hearing about liberation been carried out for families and people, I had not been involved in it nor knew about it. In one of the meetings I had with the ministers and the community, I was about to discontinue with the program when God told me I should go ahead with the program that he has commissioned me to be conduct  liberations for the people who are in bondage (Joshua 1:1-10) so we went ahead with the program. In the cause of the program a demonic river in the land dried up after the liberation. The community was delivered, progress restored, death ceased, with other blessings, etc, that was our first shot of involvement in family, community and people liberation.



A family in Okija, was involved with this shrine which resulted  in the sons of the family been initiated into the shrine and it happened that this were so bad for the sons and daughters of the family. Some of the sons in the family that wanted to travel out of the country (Nigeria) could not because of these powers they were initiated to. During the liberation, I was led to challenge all the spiritual men in the land, both ministers and priest, making them to know that many of their belief were contrary to the word of God and should any of them challenge such should come out for mount Carmel showdown. This statement I made the first time of the liberation. I went further to say the people should go and bring the sick people the next day and let the ministers and priests who want to be stubborn come and pray for them and if God answered them I will surrender to their gods. I categorically told them if after praying and God did not answer me that means I was not sent by God. On the last day of the meeting there was a massive crowd, the sick and blind where brought to the meeting and by God’s grace all the sick were healed, the only blind man they brought also for the showdown, by name Timothy, 32years old received his sight instantly. All these are on tapes and can be available by request. The family that invited us was liberated from the demon, which was cursed because it had to be bound for its captives to be loosed (Matt 12:29) after our departure the government burnt the shrine. “Before a physical destruction or victory, there must be a spiritual destruction or victory’’. After the Okija liberation, not long I was visited by the demon in Lagos. The demon came through or incarnated as a lady (human being)  this lady came in pretence that she needed deliverance. They were two of them that came on our counseling day(Wednesday), God told me she was highly possessed and incarnated by a spirit which I told her. But God didn’t reveal her mission to me which was to come and kill me and destroy my family, the church and the ministry nor did I know she came from Okija. The way she talks, she pretended that she had problems. I instructed my wife to receive her and keep her in the cause of the deliverance. From that day she stayed with us for some days while her partner departed to come back and join us on a Friday vigil.  From that day she came, she would join prayer group and fellowships. She prayed like a prayer warrior. She pretended humility to convince everybody that she was a real Christian. Her appearance and dressing was like in the old Christian way of dressing, e.g. no bleaching, no makeup, no bangles or high heels, no artificial finger nails, eye lids, etc.

I and my wife and all the member of the church were carried away, that God has added a lovely, godly Christian to the family of God (Matt 7:15) from the day she step into my house and the church, I fell sick till the day of mount Carmel showdown which was three days from the day of her arrival on Friday. That night I struggled to be in the vigil. During the prayer a revelation broke out and spoke about her friend who was in the vigil also, which she denied. I tell you that would have cause a big confusion that the pastor’s wife gave a false prophecy, not knowing the messages were true but she denied them to cause confusion. At this moment God took over me immediately and used me to reveal deeper and clearer things about her. This she later accepted because the main demon that was staying with me called her apart and talked to her, and she finally accepted. Their game plan was that while I would be conducting deliverance for her, the one staying with me (the main demon) will be working and manipulating me with other demons who came in the spiritual realm which she later confessed when God’s anointing was dealing with her. Immediately I started for the people anointing struck the one staying with me while she was sitting in the congregation. It was under this fire she started confessing that  I went to Okija to bind and destroy her kingdom and right there confessed her name to be Ezenwayi Agadaga.

During the battle her friend disappeared from the congregation, after the vigil she was made to confess further. All these things are on tape available only on demand. After her final confession she disappeared till date and nobody has seen her. We suspect that she was a spirit that turned into flesh to operate the demon of Okija shrine. In the cause of this encounter she vowed to deal with me. The demon never gave up. After a long time she sent her agent, this time a full flesh human being, a very young girl of about 23years. She came as one possessed, sick and troubled, looking for deliverance. We welcome and kept her within the church premises for prayer. God revealed to warn all brothers and sisters not to pray for her because she was on a mission to destroy. In the cause of her deliverance in one of the Friday vigils, she confessed that she was sent by Ezenwanyi Agadaga whom God use me to destroy her kingdom some years ago in Okija. She said she was sent to retaliate by dealing with me, my family, the church and the ministry which Ezenwanyi Agadaga failed to achieve. Immediately after the vigil she ran away and nobody has seen her up till date. Once or twice these demons from Okija have tried to fight me and my people when travelling from Lagos to East, at Orasi  river, Okija.  At times they will appear as cats by the express road only to jump at our window screen to cause accident.  And each time God will throw them off our way. To God be the Glory, liberation is not easy and not for all to handle, be advised and warned for many have suffered, while many lost their lives and properties before, during and after such battles.

 In January or February 2005, we were invited by Nwagbara family of Umuelem,  Ihiagwa through brother Charles Nnaji for the liberation of the family from the powers of darkness. In this liberation we destroyed the idols their fathers worshipped called Aguzie Afor. The name of this demon is popularly used by some people in Ihiagwa proudly which until the time of the liberation I never knew it was a name of the demon from Mbano. Sometimes ago we were at Mbano in Imo State when the family of Duruoha invited us. On getting there we got to know that their great – great grand fathers to their fathers worshipped the idol whose shrine was in the forest. The forest in question no one has stepped into it for some hundreds of years. The last to attempt stepping into the forest as we were told by the oldest man in the family about 93years at the time of our visit was an hunter and a native doctor, who was invited by this oldest man’s fathers before he was born. The native doctor on getting into the forest saw a mighty deer and shot at it but his gun failed him. The animal as we were told by the old man, walked to the hunter, collected his gun and went away. The hunter took to his heels and never came back to the community, not to talk of the forest. During the liberation the old man refused to follow us into the forest, after some pressure he did. While in the forest I walked clearing the bush to make way for my entrance. I told our camera man and one other brother to be coming behind with the camera zoomed to get a clear picture of me.  As I got where the shrine was situated, as I wanted to go round the shrine, just at the base of the three  mighty  tree, wasp in their hundreds and thousands  circled me as I raised myself from clearing the bush, I then commanded the wasps in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to depart from me and move to another tree and gather this they obeyed with immediate effect. As I bent again to clear the bush, soldier ants surrounded me, like soldiers loose with anger from their camp to go for battle. As usual I commanded them in the name of the Lord Jesus name and pointed to them where they should go and gather which they obeyed and made a mighty hill at the point. I later went ahead and concluded the liberation. I later went to bring in the family where they were kept at the outskirt of the forest, I destroyed the shrine in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ  and other the cutting down of the trees and clearing of the forest which were done after the family took possession of the land. We went to other parts of the lands which the wick one took over from their fathers till when we went there. We had prayer meetings for them for their deliverance which there were many healing.

A young man of 22years old named Chigozie  who was deaf and dumb, spoke and received his hearing. Among other people delivered from witches and wizards, ancestral curses was a daughter of a great native doctor in that land whom when the news got to him, who was sleeping at the night of the prayer and another high priest in the land, they ran forth with other members of the community to be part of the prayers. The native doctor and the high priest were the first to receive instant healing during the prayers with others whom God touched, healed and blessed they later requested the establishment of a branch of our church in their place. God forgive because of lack of funds, resources and laborers till date we have not established this. By God’s grace I was made to understand that road was to be constructed in the village, towards the forest which was not possible because of the evil force and then the road passed through another community. On this I decreed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that road must be constructed across the village before my next visitation. To God be the glory before my second time of visiting the land for another occasion, road was constructed, passing the front of the family the liberation was conducted. God has used the foregoing to open our eyes to know that majority of the people that are in problem spiritually, financially, and otherwise  are possessed by demons and different powers of darkness, caged by people with spiritual powers, which may have been made by their enemies, people who hate them or ancestral curses or demons from different realms, (Luke 8:1-3) (Eph 6:10-13) (Num 23:23).

God has used us to deliver many from the above demons and other spiritual husbands and wives, etc the power of God has taught and empowered many on how to make wealth. Space will not permit me to testify of most of the deliverances, healings, blessings which by God’s grace has manifested through us. He is simply awesome. In the future if God permits there are other information that will be made known.