Aaron & Hur is a prayer group. As the name implies, Aaron and Hur is derived from the Biblical Aaron & Hur who saw the need to support the hands of Moses in the battle with Amalekites, when they discovered the mere raising hands of Moses was giving Israelites the needed victory over their foes. And when his hands were heavy, their enemies were suppressing them. Exodus 17:12. Therefore, the name implies supporting the winning hands to ensure the complete victory in the engaging battle against the enemy is achieved.
Basically, the group was founded in 2012, when the ministry saw the enormity of the wonderful display of deliverance and the inherent challenging forces and the dire need for the MAN of God not to be left alone in the battle. The Friday vigils’ deliverances were getting tougher. Brothers and sisters came together to hold the hands of the Man of God in prayer before the commencement of Friday vigils to make sure that more victories are ensued. We observed and noted with interest that men of God who serve God and His people need care and service. It is the duty of these gallant soldiers of the Cross to make sure The Man of God who God gave the commission of the Church-The Final Exodus Bride Tabernacle and the ministry –George Chukwuma John Apostolic Outreach is served in prayer. As Epaphras in Colossians 4:12 who understood it his assignment, to pray through to God that other fellow believers stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. We also see those men of valour/mighty warriors of David who risked their lives and fought through the Garrison of philistines soldiers who entrenched at gate of Bethlehem to provide water from the Well of Bethlehem for David their leader when he longed to drink from that Well.

To ensure the anointed –winning hands of the Man of God-APOSTLE GEORGE C JOHN prevail and achieve the awesome –sole- ultimate target of producing a Bride for The LORD JESUS CHRIST amidst the ensuing war against satan and his demons in the atmosphere charged with prevailing prayer and fasting.

In the struggle to achieve this beautiful objective, the group engages in very rigorous fasting and prayer activities. Some-times there are monthly fasting of 3-day fasting &prayer. It as well takes the fashion of 7 days packing into the church for dry-fasting and prayer. It could take any other form as the spirit of God will direct. One day is carved out compulsorily for vigil every week.

In the inception men and women were allowed to become members but now only men are allowed to join. The group is made up of rugged young men who have devoted their life in prayer like Epaphroditus/Epaphras in the ministry of Paul to ensure the hands of the Man of God do not go down until the enemy is defeated. The group flourished under the anointed leadership of Pastor Obi Chukwubuikem until the need arose in 2011 to hand over to a young gallant soldier in the person of brother Kenneth Chidi John as the assignments were becoming more challenging. And there have been series of fasting and prayer activities and God’s identification has always been there and God has been wonderful and mighty to their prayers.

”Those that saw war and forfeited/refused to eat food” is the common slogan. This goes to show that these are conglomeration of gallant soldiers who have volunteered their strength in the Name of the Lord to fight war even in the face of good palatable and well garnished food. These soldiers do not consider their individual prayer request as the top most priority but that of the Man of God, the Church and Ministry.


The achievements have been very tremendous. The ministry has been moving from strength to strength, from glory to glory. There has been a witness of increase in Anointing. Villages, communities, cities, states and some African countries like Ghana, Togo etc. are not left out in the touch of this God-given Anointing. Churches have been wonderfully blessed. The raising of the five –fold ministers is in the making. Without too much shootings of prayer in the meetings healings are wrought, people are liberated, and souls are surrendering their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. The gift of God has been in high operation. The secrets of the enemy are being revealed. Lives are been renewed. Young men see the need to fully use their strength in serving God in prayer not in sin. The teachings of the Man of God for the preparation of Five-Fold ministers for the Bride Ministry work which keys with the scriptures as being revealed to him by God. The missionary work is being felt across continents in a mighty way through the ministry of His servant-Apostle George Chukwuma John. Our God is already in touch with India. Many ministers of the perverted Pentecostal fold are being won for Christ.


Frankly speaking, it is the work of every believer to support the MOVE of God. As we are witnessing the power of God and are seeing that God has decided to do something spectacular on earth again, there is therefore a clarion call to support this Ministry of God and ensure the purpose of God for His children is not defeated in Jesus Name Amen.


The history of the youths in the FINAL EXODUS BRIDE TABERNACLE has it secret foundation on our Lord Jesus Christ. The great vision of repositioning the youth was birthed by ‘our papa’ the general overseer Apostle George Chukwuma John and ‘our mama’- his lovely wife George Patricia Chinwe.
As time progressed, God through his servant groomed and nurtured graduated teenage youths from the children section including new converts into young men and women constituting the youths of the church. These youths who have steadfastly continued in the faith, some of which are married, are still actively involved in the affairs of the youth- The future of the church in Christ.

The vision for the youths of the church which started some decades ago is now become a global phenomenon. Our G.O having received the mandate from God pioneered this commission with vision to rescue lost souls of young men and women from the claws of satan to Christ, deliver youths from the destructive mission of the powers of darkness released into the world in our generation.
Our vision which is progressive is geared towards high-jacking the today youths from the clubs to the upper room in God‘s presence, from prostitutes to daughters of Zion and from darkness into his glorious light (1st Pet 2:9). To God`s glory, this vision has and is still yielding outcomes, transforming lives with astonishing testimonies and bringing overflowing joy to the hopeless.
Call us ‘‘THE FINAL EXODUS YOUTHS’’ that`s our name.
Our G.O under God`s leadership has initiated some point agenda towards the fulfillment of this visionwhich most importantly is reaching out to lost souls. To disperse this agenda, platforms and opportunities have been created giving rise to the youth outreach

The Final Exodus Youth Outreach is using its tentacles to reach out to lost young men and women through:
youth camp meetings
These media has recorded great yields in soul winning leading to young men and women trooping in on a daily basis. Our seminars, workshops and annual camp meetings has created avenues for affiliations with other churches and the world at large.

Over time, our papa under God`s leadership established units in the church requiring the involvements of the youth. These units includes:
musical units
vigilante groups
technical and publicity units
evangelical units
personal assistants
young trainee ministers

The musical department is geared towards handling every song ministrations during all church services. This department comprises of two units: the instrumentalists and singers who are purely devoted to edify the church with godly songs.
This department is purely populated by the youths and is headed by the general Youth leaders.


As the name implies, the vigilante group is faced with the sole responsibilities of standing in the gap for the pastor, the church and the ministry daily. A particular day is assigned to each vigilante group.
In addition, the youths of the church are actively involved in each day of theirvigilante. Each vigilante group is headed by a youth.

Basically, this group is divided into two units;
The technical group
The publicity group.
These units simultaeneously face the responsibilities of recording, storing, disseminating and publicising all church messages to parts of the world. About all of its members are youths. Its also headed by one of the church youth leaders.

Though, we have vigilante groups that pray every night, yet there are other dedicated prayer groups whose sole responsibilities is to ensure that through prayers the ministry of the man of God and the church prospers. These groups are completely populated by the youths who have devoted their time purely for the above responsibilities. These departments are headed by church youth leaders.

Evangelism is soul winning to Gods kingdom. Like the scripture says; ‘he that winneth soul is wise’-Pro11:30. God has been able to groom the youth in the knowledge and understanding of Gods word thereby having the passion to reach out with the word of God to win souls to Gods kingdom.
Though, in this involvements, we have young men who preach the gospel with the demonstration of power. Our young sisters though part of this group do their own assignment strictly according to the scriptures Luke 8:1-3

These men are likened to the bible amored bearers who are attendants to the king. They act as aides to the man of God. But in this regard, they have the task of being the first point of contacts to correspondents as well as manage the activities of the man of God. The men involved are youths headed by the youth leaders.

These are young men who amongst others are separated and anointed as ministers in the making to be trained and nurtured while the servant of God observed the calling of God in their lives. At due time, as the man of God is led by God, they could be ordained as ministers.

In this commission, a chunk of these serving ministers are youths. These called ministers have been tutored and nurtured with the undiluted word of God and ordained by the Holy Ghost through the servant of God- Apostle George C. John.


The Mission and Vision of the Children's Class/Department of The Final Exodus Bride Tabernacle
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Prov. 22:6.
It is in view of this that the children's class/department of The Final Exodus Bride Tabernacle was established by Apostle George Chukwuma and Bro. Ikechukwu Israel as the leader of the group and assisted by Brother Chinedu Peculiar Uba.
Like a usual saying of the Servant of God, "Catch them young". The Children Class over the decade has impacted positively the soul, spirit, heart and minds of children, providing desired positive change. This is because starting from the cradle gives hope ("Chasten thy child while there is hope..." Prov. 19:18) of moulding a child to the desired result. "That our sons may be a plant grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace." Ps. 144:12. This gives a child a solid spiritual foundation where other basic life principles will be established.
This is done by dedicated, God fearing and examplary teachers with passion to raise Godly and responsible children that will be a blessing to their generation to the glory of God. In attempt to achieve this goal, the Servant of God, Apostle George C. John through the leadership of the Holy Spirit understands the necessity of each developmental stage of a child. This led to the division of the children class into two groups namely:
1. Preparatory Class
2. Teenagers Class
1. Preparatory/Toddler Class: This group is divided into two so as to meet up with each group peculiarity.
a. Ages 1 - 3: This group is the most taskful and challenging because it is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. On attainment of this age in the Final Exodus Bride Tabernacle, the child is separated from the mother in each service day to be taken care of such as teaching them eating and potty manner etc, by some compassionate mothers/sisters in children department. Here, the child learns mainly by imitating (or mimicking) teacher's acts. The children are taught by the/through demonstrative examples such as singing, praying and clapping etc. These prepare a child to be receptive to Bible-based training as a seed of eternal life is sown inside him or her by inculcating in him God's love for mankind and the story of Jesus etc.
b. Ages 4-10: Having been receptive of the environment and preparatory training, a child progresses to the stage where teachers can appeal to his curiosity by introducing to him the spiritual concepts such as death and ressurection of Jesus Christ, necessity of Godliness, the reality of hell and heaven, the importance of prayers, reading and recitation of the Holy Scriptures, etc. All these, by the grace of God eventually instil the fear and love of God in them as they grow daily, living in accordance with the Word of God.

2. The Teenager Group: This is the final group in children's class/dept which prepares them to the adult class. Though, this is the most interesting group as they must have learnt the basic principles of christianity and must have cultivated the habit of praying, reading, writing, resilience, courtesy, self control, contentment, decency and chastity etc but a different approach and/or method is required. This is because he or she may have developed a specific habit like preferences and interest. Therefore, more prayerful, tackful, loving and wise approach is applied.
Here, having been grounded with preparatory teachings, they are taught good communication, Godly Principles such as obedience to parental control. "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father and mother which is the first commandment with promise." Eph 6:1-2. All these are achieved by the grace of God through a Bible-based training and teachings. "And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in their heart: And then shalt teach them deligently unto thy children..." Deut. 6:6-9. It is on this note that a child can be wise in this perverse and sinful generation. "From a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." II Tim 3:15. Therefore, with the indepth knowledge of the Word of God, a child is equipped to be free from moral decadence and ruinous activities of this generation. Then shall he speak like the psalmist, "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11.

Discipline and Correction in Children Class
Discipline and correction are some of the basic principles of child's training that have eroded many in this modern age.
"Withhold not correction from the child..." Prov. 23:13.
"Correct thy son and he shall give thee rest..." Prov. 29:17.
The teachers having the indepth knowledge of the scriptures and having received adequate training on child's training by the Holy Spirit through the Servant of God Apst George C. John take some corrective measures such as rebuke and chastisement (flogging) which is done with love just as the Servant of God emphasizes always "Do it with love" that is chastisement with love where a child shows signs of deviation from proper conduct.
"He that spareth his rod hated his son but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes" Prov. 13:24.
"The rod and reproof give wisdom..." Prov. 29:15.
"Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but rod of correction drives it far from him." Prov. 22:15.
By the grace of God, with these measures in children dept, there have been tremendous results as children comply and conform with the proper conducts.
Above all, these achievements cannot be achieved without prayers and faith in God as there is always a prayer session on Sunday morning before service starts which prepares the group for the day's activities and regular prayer meetings with the Servant of God, Apst George C. John for deliverances in children department. These prayer meetings with the Servant of God have yielded great fruits as there have been deliverances from stubborn, disobedient and witchcraft spirits among children. It is because of this high anointing for deliverances and discipline that made the children in one of their prayer meetings nicknamed/refered the Man of God as "ACTION MAN."
Truly, the children dept over a decade has been a blessing to the church and many families as there have been tremendous testimonies to the glory of God about their impact spiritually, physically, morally and academically within their environment.
"And their seed shall be known among Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed." (Is. 61:9).

To God be the Glory, Amen.